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:: From the Giants ::

“You did a very thorough job. It was a very thoughtful interview.”

Ruth Glick, writing as Rebecca York
May, 2006

“You do have talent and you will probably get where you want to go ...”

Dean Koontz
October, 1998

“When it comes back with a rejection, send it right back out that door...”

Sue Grafton
Fall, 1998

“I read your sample chapters of RETRIBUTION. You write very well... your characters are well developed. Keep me in mind when you need an endorsement...”

Clive Cussler
October, 1997

“For 15 years, most friends and virtually all relatives thought I was a bum and wondered why Gerda stayed with me when I wouldn't get a real job. Even years after she started working for me full time and even after I had Literary Guide Mail Selections. Hang in there.”

Dean Koontz
Spring, 1995




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